Master Lead Instructor, Kevin L. Tisdale

Kevin L. Tisdale hails from Washington DC and travels to Fredericksburg Va. and Upper Marlboro Md. each week to teach Hand Dance. Instructing dance is not just a business for Mr. Tisdale, it is a passion that he feels privileged to share with others. He have been dancing for over 8 years instructing for the past 5 and gained his certification as an instructor from Smooth & EZ Hand Dance Institute of Washington D.C., where he received his instruction from the legendary Senior Master Lead Instructor Lawrence Bradford cofounder of SEZ Institution. Mr. Tisdale has since grown in his knowledge of instruction to become a Master Lead Instructor.

Throughout his Hand Dance career Mr. Tisdale has:

  • Completed the Smooth & EZ two-year Instructor Certification Program
  • Taught and graduated 17 of his own classes as Master Lead Instructor and CEO of Smoother than Smooth Hand Dance Co.
  • Registered and taught hundreds of students.
  • Continued to assist Master Instructor, Lawrence Bradford at the Smooth & Ez Hand Dance Institute.
  • Done an array of performances for government and community agencies throughout the Metropolitan DC and Fredericksburg area.
  • Competed in 9 categories and levels of hand dance competitions over the past few years and had the opportunity of obtaining 4 first place, 3 second, and 2 third place accomplishments.
  • Taught workshops in other states.
  • It gives Mr. Tisdale great pleasure to enhance social awareness and social interaction through this dance. The joy he can give to others through dance means a lot to him as well as assisting in the expansion of dance through communities.